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Whilst growing up in a yoga ashram I was surrounded by yogis from a young age. I was also drawn to the sound of Indian languages, mantra's and music. During my study of Anthropology and Hindi in Amsterdam, I discovered the Yoga Community and found myself very much at home with the Sivananda Hatha yoga tradition. This traditional hatha yoga practice is based upon the teachings of Swami Sivananda. Every class includes asana, pranayama and mantra, allowing us to re-access inner stillness and bliss on all levels.  After practising for years in Amsterdam I completed the International Sivananda Teachers Training in 2016, in the Himalayas (India). Since then I have been teaching and sharing this holistic yoga practice that is so close to my heart.

Every class starts with an opening mantra and pranayama to focus the mind and prepare us for a mindful and focused asana practice. The class then begins with a series of flowing movements called sun salutations (surya namaskar) to warm up the spine. After the warm up we practice the 12 basic asanas giving the body strength and flexibility, while we relax between every pose to learn how to calm and control the breath rate. The practice remains calm and comfortable despite the effort. Classes are meditative and have a perfect balance between effort and relaxation. 


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