A Day of Silence in Nature

December 28, 2019

9:30 - 16:00 @ De Meditatietuin in the beautiful Amstelpark in Amsterdam

A Winter retreat day with Active Meditations, Vipassana walks & delicious Vegan food by Sat Nam Chefs.
This one day retreat will be facilitated by De Meditatietuin in collaboration with Azima en Ilanit de Wilde.
We will end this day of silence with a magical Savasana concert by Dana Devi.

"A day in silence can be a pilgrimage in itself." - Hafiz

Savasana Concert

January 16, 2020

20:00 - 22:00  @ Delight Yoga, Amsterdam

A live concert with meditative music to calm the mind and soothe the heart. Experience the calming effect of ancient mantra’s, prayer, sound and silence during this lie-down concert. 


This 2-hour journey will start with a short meditation and breathing exercise with live music to calm the nervous system and guide your attention inwards. Thereafter you will comfortably rest in savasana and can experience deep relaxation with the sounds of gentle guitar play, shruti box, tanpura and Dana’s healing voice. We end the journey with singing and chanting mantra's together.

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