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Doorway to Silence


In 2019 I have released my first full length album "Doorway to Silence" . A collection of mantra's for peace combining words of prayer in Sanskrit and affirmations in English. An album devoted to the divinity that resides in each and everyone of us, an album filled with devotion and prayer. 






If you wish to order a CD or a digital download check out my page on

Or order it together with my homemade body oil "Doorway to Peace" with

100% bio organic jojoba oil & a blend of essential oils to calm the

nervous system. 





Music comes from silence and returns to silence. I sing and play acoustic guitar, shruti box and harmonium. I compose and write my own songs but also play many well known mantra's that have been sung for centuries. The inspiration for the music I play comes from silence, mantra recitation, poems and words that guide to a place of stillness and resting in inner peace.

You can book me for:


  • Savasana concerts (concerts for relaxation)

  • Sound journeys 

  • Kirtan, ceremonies and singing circles

  • Music during a Yoga class

  • A concert in your livingroom

To listen and buy my music, check my bandcamp site via the link below:


If you would like to know more, get in touch via email: 


Praful and Spirited Tribe

In January 2017 Praful gathered a group of his favorite, sensitive musicians and a love support team, the Spirited Tribe, to record music from a shared magical experience of love and friendship. It has been a true blessing to be part of the spirited tribe, as the music was recorded while we did healing, massage and yoga to create the space to record music from the heart. 
I sang the lead vocals on the song "Prayer for Healing" on the album " Silence Speaks". This piece was completely improvised in the moment and became a muscial healing journey. Its a beautiful album for yoga, meditation or massage.  
Listen and buy on Bandcamp:  

Buy on iTunes:

About the CD:

Soaked with beauty and devotion, the latest release from this German collaboration of musicians is the first from a new trilogy of recordings. The elaborate mix of vocals, flutes, piano, keyboards, guitars, tanpura, and percussion invokes a familiar but forgotten calling out to the divine. These four tracks make gorgeous accompaniments for the slow and gentle parts of an asana practice.


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